Since 1995 my wife, (Vicki) and I have been proud to breed, raise and own some great quality cutting and ranch performance horses.

On September 30, 2003 our son Jason Michael was born and yes we knew than that he would become a future cutter.

Meradas Sunset

Peptos Stylish Oak


Peppy Chex Your Gun

Primo Oakleys


Horse Highlights

Members of the following Organizations 

Special Thanks

Nate Miller who we have known for sometime has help Jason learn how to cut as he has with numerous kids in the cutting industry. We would like to personally thank him for his continue supports of Jason and the other youth that he works with.


I know Jason makes it a point to always thank the men and women for their help, but we would also like to recognize all of them by saying thank you for all you do not only for Jason but what you do every hour of everyday of cutting.


For those clubs where we have competed at thank you for making our family feel welcome.